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Single Origins

These unblended, single-farm selections are the result of our search for the one coffee in every
crop year that most completely embodies the flavors of a classic growing region.


Allegro’s approach to blending stems from an appreciation of great single origin coffees.
Our goal is to preserve and present classic varietal flavors in new combinations, which offer a
degree of complexity and consistency that no single coffee can provide.


Espresso is a delicious, intense and complex expression of the very essence of coffee.
The following blends are specifically formulated for espresso brewing. They are truly extraordinary
espresso coffees, unsurpassed in quality at any price.


Allegro’s Swiss Water decaffeination process allows for the gentle extraction of caffeine from green coffee.  Selected beans are soaked in Green Coffee Extract (GCE) which is pure water saturated with soluble solid from green coffee.  Over time, with proper temperature control, the caffeine migrates out of the green beans into the GCE.  The water is filtered through a carbon filter which captures and extracts the caffeine molecules. These decaf coffees are 99.9% caffeine free.


Certified organic coffee is grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers that are prohibited in the U.S. National Organic Standards. Organic farming practices support the meticulous ecological balance maintained on farms and contribute to the extraordinary quality of specialty coffee. Coffee farms and processing facilities are certified organic by a third-party certifying agency.

Flavored Coffees

Chocolate. Vanilla. Hazelnut. And more. Go ahead, treat yourself!

David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee

Choosing only organically grown beans, famed film director David Lynch established an extensive, personalized testing method and began to systematically narrow down the field of his favorite roasts and beans. He continued for months, testing and tweaking the profiles on his favorites, eventually choosing three unique coffee blends to package under his own label.