Coffee Selections Blends - Allegro’s approach to blending stems from an appreciation of great single origin coffees. Our goal is to preserve and present classic varietal flavors in new combinations, whcih offer a degree of complexity and consistency that no single coffee can provide.


Allegro Blend
Bright and bursting with aroma, our namesake blend combines the very best Central American coffees available. The moderate roast makes Allegro Blend the drip breakfast coffee par excellence – a showcase for the refined high mountain flavors that are our specialty.


Café Blend™
Hearty and full-bodied, with flavors reminiscent of dark chocolate laced with sweet spice, Cafe Blend is deep but not dark. The deep roast chosen for this blend accentuates its sweet body, leaving just enough lively acidity to keep it refreshing. Versatile and well-rounded.

Mocha Java
In a day and age where most Mocha Java blends contain few of the namesake beans, our version is a delightful find. Genuine Yemen Mocha is the principal component, providing incomparable fruity high notes anchored and off-set by the earthy richness of the Indonesian component. The result is a classically balanced blend that remains the standard by which all others are measured.

Blue Nile Blend (substitution for Red Sea Blend)
A vibrant medium roast blend from the birthplace of coffee.  Dried cherry, strawberry and spice.

Volcan Mind Blend
A medium roast blend of Latin America and Sumatra beans with a smoky, light body.


Big Earth Blend
A blend of Latin America and Sumatra beans with notes of dark chocolate.  It is smoky, rich and heavy bodied.

French Roast
Top quality Central American coffees, enriched with rare Indonesians for extra body, are roasted to a rich, dark brown and glisten with natural flavor oils. Careful bean selection and precision roasting result in a coffee which, while dark, has a trace of tangy acidity remaining. Smoky but not burnt, this is a favorite dark roast for by-the-pot brewing.

Extra Dark French
Ultra-smoky and intense, this classic “West Coast” French Roast is nearly black in color. The ultimate coffee for dark roast fanatics.

Va Voom Blend
A blend of Central American beans offering a sweet and smoky flavor.  It is medium bodied.

Vail Blend™
This exotic blend was created with a spicy flavor and aroma to entice even the best skiers off the mountain. Crafted from the finest Indonesian and Latin American coffees.

Vienna Roast
A blend of sensual Central American coffees, roasted to a mahogany decadence for deep rich flavor and full-bodied pleasure.

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