Coffee Selections Certified Organic Coffees - Organic coffees are defined as coffees grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. The authenticity of our entire line of organic coffees is verified through independent third party certification.

Organic Breakfast Blend
This is a lively morning blend from certified organic farms in East Africa and Latin America. This blend is roasted to highlight the high mountain acidity of these sustainable focused farms.  The coffee lots from these farms offer sparkling acidity and a sweet finish. This combination of citrus, milk chocolate and caramel notes make for the perfect morning cup of coffee.

Organic Café La Duena
FAIR TRADE CERTIFIEDA medium roast blend from small-holder women farmers in Oaxaca, Mexico and San Ignacio, Peru.  Balanced, sweet and chocolaty.

Organic Continental Blend (substitution for the Europa Blend)
This blend combines the flavors of great regions on three different continents.  Huge body and complexity, herbal and fruit-tinged.

Organic Early Bird Blend
FAIR TRADE CERTIFIEDBird Friendly Smithsonian Coffee ProgramThis is Allegro’s first Smithsonian Bird-Friendly certified coffee.  It is a blend comprised of beans from farms in Matagalpa, Nicaragua and Chiapas, Mexico. This strict shade certification ensures multi-layers of shade canopy over the coffee and provides a protective habitat for migratory bird populations. Organic Early Bird Blend is a medium roast with a taste profile that is mellow with notes of roasted nuts and cocoa.

Organic Espresso Bel Canto®
Inspired by the finest Northern Italian espresso, Organic Espresso Bel Canto is a harmonious melding of the best coffees and their regions. It is creamy, full of flavor and wonderfully aromatic.

Organic Espresso Sierra
Rich and lusciously full-bodied with nuances of dark chocolate, cardamom, and caramel. This deep, dark roast produces an ideal cappuccino or latte. It also makes for a great cup of drip coffee. A very universal coffee.

Organic Ethiopia Lot Select
FAIR TRADE CERTIFIEDSouth of the Great Rift Valley is the region of Sidamo. The small-scale farmers here grow their coffee intermixed with fruit trees and false banana (a main food staple) in garden-size plots beside their traditionally round thatch-roofed homes. The region’s high elevation contributes to the intense aromatic characteristics of the coffee. This lot was produced using a fully washed process.   The coffee cherries were harvested, pulped and allowed to ferment in tanks in water for up to 48 hours before drying on raised beds.

Organic French Roast
FAIR TRADE CERTIFIEDSimilar to our regular French Roast, this blend allows you to taste the coffee as well as the roast. It boasts extra body and richness, provided by rare organic Indonesian beans added to the high-grown Latin American base.

Organic Guatemala
The villagers of Santiago on the shore of Guatemala’s mesmerizingly beautiful Lake Atitlan produce some of the country’s most intricate weavings. Their coffee too is a tapestry of flavors, with fruity high mountain acidity, subtle notes of smoke and spice, and sweet dark chocolate to go with its mellow body.

Organic Italian Roast
A hearty Southern Italian style espresso. It is rich, velvety and sweet.

Organic Mexico
FAIR TRADE CERTIFIEDThis blend is from multiple Fair Trade Organic cooperatives in the southern states of Chiapas, Oaxaca and Vera Cruz.  These small-holder farmers use traditional wet processing methods.  They dry their coffee individually in the hot tropical sun which helps create this light roast flavor.

Organic Scandinavian Blend – Discontinued.  Suggested substitution is the Organic Continental Blend.
An organic blend that’s just right for rich desserts. After roasting, Allegro hand blends the perfect combination of light roasted Latin American coffees with a dark French Roast.

Decaf Organic French Roast
FAIR TRADE CERTIFIEDThis blend of premier quality Central American organics is smoky sweet and very satisfying. No one will know it’s decaf unless you tell them!

Decaf Organic Mexico
FAIR TRADE CERTIFIEDLively and light-bodied with soft, nutty Mexican flavors.

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