Allegro Coffee Company uses the Swiss Water® decaffeination process for all of their decaf coffees. These coffees are 99.9% caffeine free.

Allegro’s Swiss Water® decaffeination process allows for the gentle extraction of caffeine from green coffee. Selected beans are soaked in Green Coffee Extract (GCE) which is pure water saturated with soluble solid from green coffee. Over time, with proper temperature control, the caffeine migrates out of the green beans into the GCE. The water is filtered through a carbon filter which captures and extracts the caffeine molecules.

Decaf Allegro Blend – Discontinued
Bright and light; ideal for breakfast.

Decaf Cafe Blend
Hearty and full-bodied.

Decaf Colombian
Full-bodied with deep chocolate undertones.

Decaf French Roast
Smoky-sweet and smooth; nearly indistinguishable in flavor from its caffeinated counterpart.

Decaf Sumatra
The richest, most full-flavored decaf available.

Half Caff French Roast
Half the caffeine, all the flavor. This French Roast is smoky and syrupy sweet with a creamy, full body. Available in the 12 oz bags by the case, which is six 12 oz bags. Each are individually factory sealed. THIS IS OFFERED PRE-GROUND, NOT WHOLE BEAN.

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