Coffee Selections Single Origins - These unblended, single-farm selections are the result of our search for the one coffee in every crop year that most completely embodies the flavors of a classic growing region.


Colombia Agustino Forest
Our Agustino Forest Colombia is grown by the Asoguar (La Argentina Forest Ranger Association) in the municipality of San Agustin, Huila. There are 104 members of the group composed of indigenous and afro-descendant families. The aim of the group is towards environmental conservation and producing socially sustainable alternatives to illicit crops. Honey, butter, carmel with a tinge of citrus.

Costa Rica Dota 
The Dota crop is from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.  This co-op grows they coffee beans using ecological methods that are beyond its Rainforest Alliance certification requirements.   Allegro Coffee has partnered with Earth University to support their scholarship program.  A percent of the proceeds from the sale of this Rainforest Alliance and Whole Trade guaranteed coffee benefit EARTH, a non-profit university in Costa Rica educating students in entrepreneurship and sustainable agriculture. The Whole Trade seal guarantees the coffee is grown according to strict criteria for ethical trade, eco-friendly farming and the highest quality. This is a light roast with notes of honey, melon, toffee & pear.  

Guatemala Concepcion Buena Vista
Bernardo Solano’s farm can be found in the rolling hills of San Martin de Jilotepeque in the province of Chimaltenango.  This 62 acre farm dates to back to the mid-18th century.  The lush mountains of Sierra Los Minas surround this high altitude farm which makes for an ideal coffee production climate. This coffee is lightly roasted.  The flavor profile contains black cherry,  nectarine, molasses, white peach and passion fruit .

Rainforest Blend
Allegro is happy to announce a roast profile change. The Rainforest Blend which is going from a light roast to a dark roast. It is big and bold with dark chocolate and burnt caramel aromatics. A blend of beans from three outstanding Rainforest Alliance farms in Central America.
The Rainforest Alliance has awarded Allegro Coffee Company its Corporate Green Global Award for their commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection. To celebrate, Allegro has created this commemorative blend which combines beans from three of their favorite farms in Central America; Guatemala La Bolsa, Nicaragua La Bastilla, and Costa Rica Santa Anita. These Rainforest Alliance certified farms produce top quality beans following exceptional environmental and social standards.

EAST AFRICA & ARABIA | Exotic & Fruity

Kenya Grand Cru
While the overall quality of Kenyan coffee is the highest in the world, we select only those few estate-grown offerings which possess the classic Kenyan profile: black currant fruitiness, wine-like acidity and plush body. There is no finer coffee grown anywhere on earth.

Café Ubuntu
Café UBUNTU is a delicious combination of flavors from four distinctive East African coffees, Rwanda Kinunu, Burundi Burenza, Tanzania Machare, and Zambia Terranova. These carefully selected and meticulously processed coffees join harmoniously together to create a cup with great depth and sweetness with rich notes of golden raisin, maple and fig. Deep and syrupy with notes of maple, golden raisin and fig.


Sumatra Lintong
Our Lintong beans come from farms in Lintong Nihuta—a renowned coffee community on the southern border of Lake Toba (the world’s largest volcanic crater lake). The coffee comes from a collective which sources beans from the indigenous Batak people of Northern Sumatra. The coffee is processed using the local “wet hulled” method (called Giling Basah), which tends to leave the coffee with a more rustic flavor profile. After processing, the coffee is triple hand picked and density sorted to remove defects.

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